Cleaning Service

  • Cleaning

    Breeze provides exceptional cleaning service for shoes, bags, clothes, and much more. From safe and gentle cleaning of your favourite shoes and bags to lovingly preserving your purses throughout the years, our cleaning process combined with acid-free packaging treat your garments with unsurpassed care.

    Breeze Cleaner offers an environmentally safe dry cleaning alternative service for all types of clothing - linens, tableware, and other household items.

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  • Colour Retouch

    At Breeze, we offer a colour restoration technology to save colour fade out shoes and bags. After the colour treatment, your beloved shoes and bags will be revitalized and restored to its uniform colour for the most beautiful look.

    Environmentally Safe: We take extra special care with each of your items, returning them with a natural, clean and vibrant colours.  

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  • Repair

    Breeze provides repair service for shoe, bags, and a variety of leather accessories to revive your leather goods in tip-top and shiny condition. Bring in your shoes, heels and boots.

    Breeze experts can replace or repair damaged soles and heels, correct an improper fit, and much more. 

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Color Retouch